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Here at Trinity Energy, we understand that not everyone has easy access to petrol stations. That's why we offer bulk fuel delivery services- so you can get the petrol or diesel you need, even if you're in a remote or challenging location. We deliver to businesses and homes throughout East Africa, and our prices are competitive and fair. Bulk fuel delivery is a convenient and hassle-free to ensure you always have enough petrol or diesel on hand. When you need a reliable bulk fuel delivery service, Trinity Energy is here to help. Contact us today for a quote.

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We're flexible 

Because you work in a complex world and expect the unexpected.

Far afield

We're here to support you, even in the most difficult environments. Trinity Energy does the heavy lifting to keep you working towards your most ambitious goals.

Your vehicle, our fuel

We understand that organisations work in diverse ways. Our team is happy to work under our customers' procurement standards and contract vehicles.

What you need

Do you have special requirements? Trinity Energy sources specialized fuels and lubricants for our customers. Stay mission focused while Trinity Energy does the sourcing.

We're Reliable

Because you need the energy to solve other problems.

We've got a backbone

Our logistics and supply chain is supported by over 6 million litres of fuel storage. With this support, we insulate our customers from market changes and shocks.

Big footprint

With a global footprint, we avoid intermediaries. This reduces risk and strengthens our supply chain--benefits we pass along to our customers. 


We understand that our job is to support our customers. That's why we offer customer support! We are serious about customer support and service.

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We are here to help for big projects and small. Contact Trinity Energy today and see how fuel logistics can become a problem of the past. 

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